Bouwmans Ousts Dufouleur

Level 11: 1,500/2,500 (2,500)
Entries: 117/252

Henricus Bouwmans opened the button for 8,000 before Lois Dufouleur jammed his stack of 47,000 from the small blind. Bouwmans asked for a count and called shortly after the amount was confirmed.

Lois Dufouleur: Q10
Henricus Bouwmans: KJ

The low 84325 board didn’t connect with either player. Bouwmans was awarded the pot with his king-high and Dufouleur will have to try again during one of the other three opening flights for a chance to find his way into Day 2.

Henricus Bouwmans – 180,000
Lois Dufouleur – 0

Henricus Bouwmans & Lois Dufouleur

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