Big Field for the Betsson One Bullet

The first side event of the day just kicked off in the €170 Betsson One Bullet. There were already 174 entries in the field from the start which is bound to grow with 10 levels of late registration in the mix.

Betsson’s Jostein Groedum and Guts’ Jon Briscoe White are among the players already in action. Both players are at every MPF representing their brands, and both have had deep runs in the Grand Event over the years.

Also opting to play the side event rather than the Grand Event today were Karl Gialanze, Kevin Houghton, Ilze Zolte, Craig Smith, and Salvator “Bing Buddy” Villaluz.

Best of luck to all of the Betsson One Bullet players and see y’all soon in the Grand Event during one of the other opening flights throughout the week.

Jonathan Briscoe White

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