Better Straight for Mandrea

Level 6: 600/1,200 (1,200)
Entries: 109/147

Radu Mandrea jammed for 11,800 from the small blind. Rimko Meijer, who already chipped up early on Day 1a, went into the tank from the big blind and called shortly after the count was confirmed.

Radu Mandrea: K3
Rimko Meijer: Q9

Meijer pulled out ahead after his nine found a partner on the 109J flop. However, Meijer was drawing thin despite improving to two pair with Mandrea announcing his straight on the Q turn.

The 8 river put a straight on the board. However, Mandrea’s straight to the king was better to double his stack through Meijer.

Rimko Meijer – 90,000
Radu Mandrea – 25,000

Radu Mandrea & Rimko Meijer

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