Bad Luck Continues for O’Brien

Level 7: 1,000/1,500 (1,500)
Entries: 186/275

It hasn’t been the best start for teacher, author, and poker guru Alex O’Brien at the Malta Poker Festival. We already mentioned her bad beat yesterday in the €200 Betsson One Bullet where she felt her bad beats and coolers were out of the way and we already shared that she lost her first Day 1b bullet when her pocket queens weren’t good against pocket aces.

The next one takes the cake as before the break, her opponent was betting out of position on all three streets with the Q3J9Q running out on the board. O’Brien called the flop and turn before jamming over the top facing a half-pot bet on the river.

O’Brien had an amazing hand with 99 for a full house but her opponent rivered a better full house with Q9 to felt O’Brien on her second bullet.

It’s now onward and hopefully upward for O’Brien who decided to give the Grand Event a break and is now in the €230 Bounty Hunter Days Malta event which has already grown to 327 entries. We wish her the best of luck in today’s sole side event.

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