Bad Beats and Coolers Not Out of the Way for O’Brien

Level 2: 200/400 (400)
Entries: 160/164

The bad beats and coolers weren’t finished yesterday for poker author and player Alex O’Brien as she hoped as Rune Kjoren sent O’Brien to the rail on her first Grand Event bullet as the seconds were winding down in Level 1.

O’Brien shared that she opened with queens from under the gun to 800. She was three-bet by Rune Kjoren from middle position to 3,100.

“My opponent just had kings the hand before and otherwise he was active. I wanted to know where I was at,” O’Brien shared about some of her thoughts before opting to four-bet to 15,000.

Kjoren four-bet to 35,000 which sent O’Brien to the tank for three-minutes. O’Brien shared all the possibilities she thought her opponent had which included the possibility of aces. She got her 53,000 stack in and unfortunately for O’Brien she did run into Kjoren’s pocket rockets.

“Off to re-enter,” O’Brien said.

We wish her the best of luck on her second bullet and hope she got all the bad beats and coolers out of the way.

Rune Kjoren – 115,000
Alex O’Brien – 50,000

Alex O’Brien

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