A Few More Pennies in Penney’s Stack

Level 1: 100/100 (100)
Entries: 118/118

Steven Penney fired out for 2,500 into a pot of around triple that with the K49JK already on the baord. Luciano Laurino tanked for several moments before he called.

Both players held a king for trips with Penny first turning over the KQ. Penney won the hand to add a few chips to his stack with a better kicker to his two pair after Laurino showed the K10.

Meanwhile, Head of Poker at Betsson Jostein Groedum is also at the table ready to win a few chips of his own.

Steven Penney – 55,000
Jostein Groedum – 50,000
Luciano Laurino – 45,000

Steven Penney

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